• Markus Klement

    Subject: Mikron HEM 500U



    Thank you very much for offering us the machine for such a great price and thank you very much for all patience you had with us.
    I have to say it has been much more enjoyable working with you then it was with any other vendor (even our purchasing manager is impressed)!

    I want to point out that Chris Queipo (Applied Machine Solutions, Inc) is an exceptional sales person, he was always reachable and got back to us whenever we needed something from him. He kept trying very hard to sell us something useful even after I've told him that we are going to get a DMG.

    I'm looking forward to that machine, it was really impressive to see it in action in Boston and I want to thank you very much to take you so much time for me and all my questions!

    It will take us some time to make the necessary preparations in our machine shop and I'll stay in touch with you and Chris to discuss the time of delivery.
    Thank you very much for all the support and I can't wait to produce the first parts on it!!!!

    All the best,

    Markus Klement

  • Jack Slone


    The BEST customer service!!!

    I wanted to take a moment to say how great the team is at Applied Machine Solutions.  Everyone I have spoke with has been very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly. We purchased a Hurco VM30 from them and love it.  The control is user friendly and overall a great machine.

    I will stick with Applied Machine and Hurco from now on. Keep up the good work!


    Thanks again,


    Jack Slone
    Sunshine Welding

  • David Weber

    I began working with Applied Machine, SolidCAM and Hurco in the fall of 2013. I needed to transition from a 3 axis machine to a 5 axis. I wanted to increase machine accuracy, reduce setups and effort but increase profitability. I wanted to increase throughput and improve my programming capabilities. So I purchased SolidCAM and a Hurco VMX30U.

    The machine has been fast, rigid, accurate and reliable. My transition to 5 axis was easy.

    And I have enjoyed working with Applied Machine. Their customer service is superb. The respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help. In my opinion, they set a customer service benchmark that other companies could learn from.

    David Weber
    XT Racing

  • Bobby Bell

    Fowler Products Company has conducted business with Applied Machine and Hurco for over 8 years now.   We've purchased everything from new machinery to cutting tools.

    Applied Machine has always been extremely helpful and met our needs with new machines, service and tooling orders.  They stand behind their products and react quickly to any issues.

    One of the best qualities I see in Applied Machine is that they don't just sell their products.  They know them!  In my years of purchasing new machinery, I've never seen a machine tool distributor where the President of the company was knowledgeable enough to help install the machine and also train my operators.

    The three Hurco machines we purchased over the years have been great.  They work well, they are rigid, reliable and have great controls.

    I highly recommend Applied Machine Solutions and Hurco!


    Bobby Bell
    Shop Foreman - Fowler Products

  • Dave Gross

    We purchased a new 2010 Hurco VM10 primarily do to the ceiling height restriction we had at our old shop and have been more than pleased with its performance and reliability.

    In the years we have owned the machine the only issue was a proximity switch in the tool changer a couple of months ago, Hurco had it in stock and was running the next day. In our experience Hurco tech support has been top notch when needed and responds within an hour or so.

    Friday afternoon a week ago one of the guys was using a drill too short for the hole being made and when the spindle stopped it broke the drive belts. Called our local dealer at 4pm and she placed the order with Hurco and the belts were delivered Monday morning at 10am. We had already taken off all the sheet metal and was ready to install the belts when they arrived and Hurco already emailed the procedure to orient the spindle, machine was back in operation before lunch.

    This was our first new machine purchase and our local dealer Applied Machine is awesome in every respect. Wish Mazak support was this good.


    Dave Gross
    Summit Engineering

  • Greg Bernardo


    I saw your email to Doug and wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the thorough training experience.

    I've purchased a lot of machines in my day, but I have never witnessed training that was as thorough and complete as that which you provide. That my friend is how you win and hold customers. Very impressive and greatly appreciated!


    Greg Bernardo
    Roll N Lock Corporation

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