GF Machining Solutions – Mikron HPM 3 Axis

GF Machining Solutions – Mikron HPM 3 Axis

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High Performance Machine (HPM)

In contrast to High Speed Cutting, this technology mainly is used for the machining of two dimensional geometries. The cutting depth and the step-over  along with the machining feed allow calculation of the material removal per unit of time (cm3/min). This process in particular is suitable when it comes to the removal of large volumes of material or the machining of difficult to cut materials. High power, high torque spindles are a must. Primarily used cutting tools are insert type milling heads, specific high performance end mills, drills, boring heads and special tooling.

HPM 3 Axis machine line

HPM machines are intended for the universal production of high-quality parts with 3, 4 or 5 axes. State-of-the-art motor-spindles, direct drive round and swivelling axes and the solid machine body offer the very best conditions hand in hand with a modern scalable tool magazine system, the well-proven MIKRON pallet magazine and suitable cleaning and disposal solution for each chip/coolant situation to achieve precise and economical production requiring minimal amount of space.

Machine X, Y, Z travel
HPM 600 HD
23.622 x 23.622 x 19.685 in
HPM 1200 HD
47.244 x 23.622 x 19.685 in

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